We provide the tools

You provide imagination





Range of applications limited only by the imagination

The superior build quality ensures repeatability and accuracy. A large selection of accessories makes a staggering and growing number of applications possible. Create nearly anything you can imagine at scales from custom items to mass production.

New business idea, or subbing work out to third parties? Bring the work in-house with a High-Z to save money & time, as well as gaining better control and increasing opportunities.

Our CNC machines are used by metal workers, wood workers, engravers, sign makers, prototyping firms, model makers, artists, knife makers, large corporations, small businesses, hobbyists, educators, and many others.

Worldwide, there are over 1600 businesses, institutes, and schools that currently use our machines - not to mention all the private individuals who are proud owners of High-Zs.


Application examples and more information from the manufacturer’s website

2D and 3D milling - Examples of various milling applications in several materials. Produce high quality products with ease in nearly any material.

2D and 3D engraving - Examples of various engraving applications in several materials. Remarkable results even on granite, soapstone, marble, hard metal or glass.

Special applications - Examples include PCB production, ball engraving, working with large objects, lathe work, 3D scanning, ultrasonic welding, general welding, plasma cutting and more. The truly remarkable versatility of the High-Z is only one of many advantages.

Customer examples - These examples are exclusively of clients and their products.

Videos - please make sure to visit the manufacturer’s YouTube channel for a good selection of videos.