CNC machine enclosures and tables from CNC STEP USA

CNC protective enclosures for safety and noise reduction

Protective hood with gas spring

This CNC protective hood opens vertically as seen in the animation on this page. Opening and closing is very easy and smooth thanks to a gas spring.

It has "double glazing" Polycarbonate sides that are 6 mm thick for increased sound proofing.

just like all other High-Z enclosures, it has a non-contact reed sensor that acts as a safety switch. It can be programmed to shut down the machine if the hood is opened during operation.

This enclosure is a cost effective and convenient enclosure available for all High-Z sizes.

A special 800 - 900 mm tall support structure / table is also available as an option.

If you prefer seeing the machine better while milling or routing, then you can choose to have a completely clear sheet of Polycarbonate on one side.

And if you have any particular requests for a special design, we can customize a support structure for your needs. Perhaps you need drawers, a vertical clamping surface, or an opening to hold large bulky objects. Describe your needs and we'll help you out.

Other common CNC enclosures have sliding doors or doors that swing open.

Why should you use a CNC safety enclosure?

A safety enclosure protects the user from anything the machine kicks out of the workarea. It also confines debris to a small area for easier cleanup. And also, an enclosure will lower the noise. With our enclosures you can usually expect a noise reduction of 10-15 dB. This is ideal for schools, offices, and smaller workshops where there is little noise apart from the CNC.


  • Increase safety
  • Keep work area cleaner
  • Custom variations possible



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