CNC routing and milling application examples


Infinite possibilities

Do you need a CNC machine for 2D or 3D CNC routing of wood and plastics? Or do you mill aluminum, brass, copper, steel, or other metals? Perhaps you need to carve reliefs in marble or slate? Whatever you need to do, we have machines that will help you achieve fantastic results at the best possible price.

Making hunting bows as a hobby? Making casting molds for business? Starting a new venture and want to keep prototyping in-house? Got your patent and want to start your own production? There is so much you can do. And we can only show you a fraction of all the routing and milling possibilities here.

CNC engraving application examples

Engrave anything

Wood, plastic, stone, metal, glass...

In addition to routing and milling, you can also engrave with a CNC. And with our CNC machines you can engrave essentially any material. Not only do you have the option to engrave with a router spindle or a professional high frequency spindle. But there are also many other tools you can use for different results in different materials.

Take a laser engraver module to engrave, say wood or leather. Take a diamond drag engraving tool for scratch engraving on stone, acrylic, glass, or metal. Or use our Granitograv module for rotary engraving of photos and vectors on granite and glass.

Special CNC application examples

And so much more

Knife, plasma, weld, the list goes on...

With the vast range of CNC accessories that we offer, you have endless application possibilities. And if you can’t find examples of your specific needs, just let us know what you are after and we’ll take care of you.

Some of the more common special applications are tangential cutting of card board, foil, leather, foam, rubber or veneer; or CNC plasma cutting various metals; or for automating testing for research and development; or dispensing application such as gluing; or ultrasonic welding; or 3D scanning – just to name a few.

There are many more applications out there than we have documentation on.



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