CNC engraving depth controller

Universal CNC depth control module - Stable and light

Many materials are not perfectly flat, and if you need consistent engraving depth on irregular surfaces, then this depth control unit is the perfect accessory. It will float on the surface with the tool sticking out to the depth you require. You can of course lock it in place as well to do milling / routing as usual.

With a HiWin profiled linear track designed for dynamic loads of up to 1 ton (2200 lbs), this depth controller is nearly indestructible. It is an essential tool for everyone who needs a constant engraving depth, especially over larger ares or for PCB applications.

The Teflon nose cone that glides on the surface of your stock materials can be adjusted done to hundredths of a mm.


  • Engrave with consisted depth
  • Stable and light
  • 1 ton dynamic load
  • Easy installation
  • Lock in place for milling and routing




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