Ice carving with a High-Z CNC machine

Using a desktop CNC machine to make ice sculptures

Thomas Tremml, the owner of Tremml Ice-Team, uses a High-Z for sculpting ice. His creations are used at exhibitions, trade shows, and other special events.

Over 20 years ago Mr. Tremml, a skilled cook, dared to take the step into self-employment with an extraordinary idea. He wants to produce objects of ice sculptures for events, trade fairs and other events.

A great benefit of the High-Z CNC models is that they have an open frame. That means you can work on very large blocks of ice since they don't have to fit between the gantry and a CNC table.

The best way to carve ice with a High-Z is to have it in a cool space, but not in a freezer. Carve the ice and then move the result back into the freezer .



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