Carving marble with a CNC machine from CNC-STEP

Carve reliefs and text in stone with a High-Z or T-Rex CNC machine

Stone is hard to work with, but all our machines can cut "soft stones" such as marble, slate, and soapstone with ease.

If you need to cut granite, which is considerably harder, please inquire about options.

Keep in mind that hard materials generally require slower feed rates. So milling stone is a much slower process than metal milling or routing wood. You may be running the machine at 2-3 mm per second when routing stone. Also, a High-Z CNC machine for stone needs our milling kit installed. But rest easy, we always include this item in or standard recommended package.

It is also important to use a mist cooling system. Both to minimize tool wear and to reduce harmful dust in the air. A good dust extraction unit should also be used to remove dust.

If you need to engrave images such as photos or graphics, then the Granitograv module is a great option. You can easily switch between carving to depth with a spindle and engraving smooth surfaces (including glass) with the Granitograv.


Videos of CNC stone carving


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