Making eyeglass frames from horn and wood on a High-Z CNC machine

Make custom glasses with a CNC - using wood and horn

The company Lauer from Frankurt am Main makes custom glasses from special plywood, wood veneer, and genuine buffalo horn. Each pair is unique, and the customer is part of the design process.

In order to make the company profitable, Lauer invested in a High-Z 400T to speed up the cut out and ensure a perfect fit of the glass in the frames every time. They also invested in a special software that uses photos to create the perfect frame shape to each customers head shape.

The result is glasses with several advantages:

  • Light and robust
  • Perfect comfort
  • Perfect anatomical fit
  • Each pair is unique
  • Very skin-friendly
  • Recyclable

The CNC milling machine High-Z 400T is one of Lauer's most important investments that led to their success.



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