Making models and toys with a High-Z CNC machine

Architectural models and wooden toys made on CNC machines

The company Modellbau Rinaldi in Switzerland is a professional model building firm making high end models on a High-Z 720T from CNC-STEP e.K. And the same machine model is used by Mr. Kremers at the Holzjockel company to make wooden toys. 

Wooden model building with attention to detail

Since 1991, the company Rinaldi has been making architectural models to very exacting standards. Mainly they work with wood, but not exclusively. They process a range of other materials as well. They create models for sales, exhibitions, demonstrations, or competitions. Their work can be found both in private and public settings.

Wooden toys made on a CNC

Mr. Kremer's wooden toys are loved by the children who receives them. He also make other wooden toys and instruments on his High-Z such as flutes, rocking horses and chairs for dolls. 



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