Mechatron professional ATC spindles and tool change magazine
DTC 6508-50 data sheet

DTC 6508-50 data sheet

DTC 6508-50 manual

DTC 6508-50 manual

ATC 8022-42 data sheet

ATC 8022-42 data sheet



  • Pneumatic tool change
  • Minimized run-out tolerance under 2µm
  • High rotational speed
  • Complete plug and play systems
  • Highest Quality - Made in Germany


The ATC-Series spindles have a pneumatic cone change for best use in part or fully-automated production processes. We ship with SK20, SK30, SK40 and HSK25 interfaces by default, additional construction types can be delivered upon request. The ATC-Series motor spindles are the right choice when achieving productivity goals by automated tool change without any length measurement after the change.

Pneumatic tool change

The ATC-Series provide an automatic tool change suitable for your semi- or fully-automated production process. Several possibilities to optimize your cycle times are given through cone changes within the SK-, HSK and Direct-Exchange technology interface.

Minimized run-out tolerance

Thanks to sophisticated production processes we achieve run-out tolerances under 2µm in the cone; this contributes not only to a reduction of tool wear, but significantly to the achieved surface quality of your work piece.

High rotational speed

High-speed machining is a modern manufacturing process with extremely high demands on the spindle. The ATC-Series contribute by delivering excellent machining results while preparing the technical base for future pioneering technologies.


The spindles of the DTC-Series are equipped with a pneumatic direct tool change for best use in part- or fully-automated production processes. As standard we deliver our spindles of the DTC-Series with a WZF06 clamping collet within a clamping range from 3 mm to 6 mm.



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