Oscillating Tangential Cutter EOT-3 (EOT-2) from CNC STEP USA

EOT-3 - Oscillating Tangential Knife for cutting cardboard, veneer, textile, rubber, felt, leather and much more

This cutting knife with an oscillating knife motion is very easy to implement on our CNC machines. But you can use it with most other machines as well as long as you can control a 4th axis (the rotating EOT-3).

EOT-3 will tun in the direction of the cut for precise and efficient cutting of a very wide range of materials. The build quality is excellent and a number of improvements have been made to this latest model E0T-3 compared to the former model EOT-2.

When using third-party machines, it may be necessary to change the pin assignment, but that is usually quite easy to do thanks to the documentation provided for EOT-3.

The knife works really well with sealing materials, leather, cardboard, cork, foams, veneer, rubber, and much more.

EOT-3 General construction

  • Robust solid metal housing for optimum vibration damping
  • Precision ground kinematics for lasting precision.
  • Multiple ball bearings on drive motor
  • Optoelectronic, non-contact and wear-free detection of the blade´s reference position
  • 43 mm neck for attachment to holder.

EOT-3 Technical specifications

  • Supply voltage Control electronics: 12V =
  • Voltage oscillation motor: 12 - 24V =
  • Oscillation: ~ 3500-7000 strokes / minute (Depending on the stroke - 1.0 / 2.0 / 3.0 / 4.0 / 5.0 mm)
  • Measurements: ~ 86 x 58 x 220 mm
  • Oscillation stroke distance can be changed easily by switching one single component

EOT-3 Common cutting applications/materials

  • Sealants
  • Carbon fiber
  • Corrugated cardboard / hardboard
  • Leather and cork
  • Tissues and films
  • Rigid foam panels
  • Carpet
  • Rubber

EOT-3 Features

  • Positioning via high-quality stepper motor; Servomotor available as an option
  • Robust, CNC machined aluminum housing
  • Compound oscillation axis
    - Special high-quality bearing
    - Steel enclosure for maximum durability
    - Aluminum interior for lowest oscillation weight
    - Oscillation stroke: 1mm to 7mm
  • High quality solid carbide blades shaped for various materials
  • Optoelectronic knife-edge detection
  • High quality, ball bearing drive motor
  • Fast connection to CNC control via central 25-pin connector
  • Quality - Made in Germany!

EOT-3 Accessories and options

Different blades are available for different cutting tasks. 
All tools are precision ground from high quality solid carbide. 
Shaft diameter: 6mm
Special applications may require custom blades.

Two or more cutting heads are possible on a single machine.

Installation on systems other than ours is made as easy as possible with great documentation.


  • Robust build
  • Fits any 43 mm spindle holder
  • Cut a wide range of materials
  • High precision
  • Quality - Made in Germany

EOT-2 manual (old model)

EOT-2 manual (old model)

EOT-3 Enhancements from EOT-2

EOT-3 Enhancements from EOT-2

EOT-3 connector assignment

EOT-3 connector assignment



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