Multi-purpose CNC 3D application examples

3D CNC machining

Many different types of machines can cut out 2D shapes from sheet materials. For instance lasers, water jets, and plasma cutters. But a 3-axis CNC machine will let you create in 3D. Add a 4th axis like our Roundino and you can get access to the stock material all around. Or if you are up for the challenge, inquire about our newest software Kinetic-NC. It is a state of the art control software/hardware that can control up to 6 axes. Yes, you can now start to experiment with true 5-axis machining on our High-Z machines.

But before getting ahead of ourselves, it is enough for the vast majority of CNC applications with 3 or 4 axis. If you don't find what you are looking for here though, please let us know and we'll give you a free CNC consultation to determine the best machine for your need.

3D CNC milling/routing is possible in almost any material. And thanks to our recommended software options, it is easier, and more affordable than ever to run our CNC machines.



3D CNC milling and Routing videos


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