Make sandcast molds from Ureol with the  High-Z CNC machine

Making Ureol molds for sand casting metal

There are six steps in the sands casting process:

  1. Make a form (from Ureol in this case) and place it in sand to create the mold
  2. Incorporate this assembly in a gating system
  3. Remove the form
  4. Fill the cavity with molten metal
  5. Let the metal to cool
  6. Break the sand mold and remove the finished metal casting

The CNC machine is a great help in the first step of this process, when making the form. In the examples above, a material called Ureol is used to create the form. Ureol is hard and with a High-Z or T-Rex it is easy to get a very clean surface.

Thanks to the open frame of the High-Z it is possible to work on much larger objects than what fits within the normal work volume.




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