Wood working CNC machine MDF routing example

Machining MDF on a CNC

Most projects from MDF and other sheet materials start with a 2D cut-out operations and then assembly of the parts into a finished product.

And 2D milling is particularly easy, especially when using Vectric's CAD/CAM software.

All our CNC machines easily cut any wood based sheet material on the market. And they cut with very high precision and speed.

As always when cutting wood, it is important to remove the dust, especially the small airborne particles. So an appropriate dust shoe should be used. We offer different models for different spindles, but if you are on a shoe string budget you could easily make your own.

Optimal results always depend on spindle speed and feed rate plus what cutting tool is used. Toolstoday offer a wide range of high quality cutting tools and they make it very easy to determine the best cutter solution for your needs. We also have a wide range of specialty cutting tools if there is anything in particular that youare looking for. Please contact us for details.

And if you really want to take your machining to the next level you should get the G-Wizard CNC speeds and feeds calculator. It will help you find the sweet spot for machining any material.



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