Deskproto Multi-Axis CAM software offered by CNC STEP USA


  • Made for non-machinists
  • Very user friendly
  • CAM software
  • Unbeatable price
  • Program up to 5 axes




Deskproto Multi-Axis CAM software for non-machinists

DeskProto was designed to create G-code quickly and easily from 3D geometry regardless of the user's previous experience.

Thanks to a wizard, you just need to select parameters that fit your needs and the software does the rest. Just select wizard when you open your 3D model in the software, make your selections, and hit calculate. Done. This is the easiest way to program a 4th/rotary axis for a CNC, and it gives you a true 3D tool path that uses all four axes.

In spite of the ease of use, there are ample opportunities to modify the tool paths to suit your needs.



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