Tangential Cutter TCM-4 (TCM-3) from CNC STEP USA

TCM-4 - Tangential Cutter with fixed knife - no oscillation

This high-quality tangential knife is very similar to EOT-3, but the knife doesn't oscillate up and down. It is fixed. But just like EOT-3 it does turn in the direction of the cut via software. Given the fixed blade this unit is more suitable to thin materials.

TCM-4 Characteristics

  • Robust aluminum housing
  • Adjustable wheel for pressure control
  • Display of the pressing force
  • 43mm neck for easy attachment to common spindle holders
  • Lock for knife depth adjustment
  • Sliding element made from Teflon - prevents scratching
  • High quality solid carbide blades
  • High-quality stepping or servomotors
  • 25-pin D-SUB connector

TCM-4 Accessories and options

  • Solid-carbide blades available for various cutting tasks
  • The blades have a 6mm shaft and are compatible with commercially available knives.
  • Teflon sliding inserts with different diameters are available
  • Fed rates with different pressure values
  • Razor tools for the processing of corrugated board and cardboard

Double tool heads possible - for instance a TCM-4 can be coupled with an EOT-3 for maximum cutting possibilities without switching units.

Installation is made as easy as possible with detailed documentation.


  • Robust build
  • Fits any 43 mm spindle holder
  • Cut a wide range of materials
  • High precision
  • Fixed knife - no oscillation
  • Knife turns in direction of cut via software
  • Quality - Made in Germany

TCM-3 manual (the old model)

TCM-3 manual (the old model)


TCM-3 specs
Motor stepper motor
Case height approx 192 mm
Case width approx 58 mm
Housing depth about 86 mm
Distance from center to rear cover 29 mm
Weight approx. 2.500g
Sleeve diameter 43mm Euro neck
Blade hub approximately 8 mm
Blade shaft Solid carbide end 6 mm h7 with Weldon clamping surface
Blade adjustment Fixation on Weldon surface on the blade shaft
Rotation 360 degrees
Sliding shoe PTFE sliding element bearing different diameters
Connectors D-SUB 25-pin connector
Electricity situation electronics 12V DC


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