WinPCNC USB professional CNC control software with USB connection

WINPC-NC USB CNC control software

WinPCNC USB offers an intuitive user interface to control your CNC. With 80 kHz step frequency, USB connection, and ample opportunities to modify parameters and settings, it has been the preferred choice for most of our users for years.

And with the latest major update to v 3.0 the interface is even better organized than ever. And the tool path is now beautifully rendered live in 3D.



Basic features

  • Simple, intuitive operation
  • Runs on modern PCs from 1GHz, Win XP through Win 10, USB 2.0 interface
  • Machine control via small USB box ncUSB with 2 LPT pin connectors
  • Runs with all clock / directional electronics, signal level 5V TTL to 80kHz
  • Precise motor control with quiet, jerk-free movements
  • PWM
  • 2D, 2.5D, or true 3D with 4th axis
  • Import filter for HPGL, drilling data, Multi-CAM 2D / 3D, DIN / ISO, IselNCP and EPS / AI
  • Powerful editor integrated or external editor configurable
  • Step-by-step Teachin with keys and mouse
  • Graphical display with scale, data zoom and rotate or mirror
  • Speeds, ramps, axis resolutions etc. can be set for all axes
  • Various external signals for synchronization with other components
  • Multilingual, available in 17 European and Asian languages
  • Detailed manual

Easy setup with all our machines

WinPCNC USB is delivered with pre-configured machine parameters for all of our machines. Just select your machine from the drop down menu the first time you launch the software. That will make your machine settings default.

Import filter for many NC formats

Win PCNC USB has an import filter for the widely used PLT or HPGL language and drilling formats Sieb & Meier or Excellon.

There are also import filters for MultiCAM files in 2D and 3D, Isel NCP, ECP and AI Postscript as well as the DIN / ISO language (G-code).

Smart track control

Win PCNC has a tracking control system that determines and adjusts the optimum speed in all situations using powerful look-ahead functions.

Real-time operation with external box

Win PCNC USB uses the small hardware dongle ncUSB for real-time control linking time-critical tasks with the PC. The result is precise motion control with quiet and accurate movements.


  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • Machine control via USB
  • Signal level 5V TTL to 80kHz
  • Quiet, smooth movements
  • Affordable
  • Pre-configured parameters for all High-Z and T-Rex machines.
  • Major update version 3.0 with 3d graphic tool path view.





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