Model plane building with the High-Z CNC machine

Model airplanes made exclusively on a High-Z 1000

For years, Mr. Brandau has made detailed model aircraft with his High-Z CNC machine. He makes all parts including the stickers on his machine.

Vinyl cutting the decals

All the decals/stickers are made with our vinyl cutter accessory. Switching from the router spindle to the vinyl cutter takes only seconds, and creating the tool path for vinyl cutting is very easy. To get multiple colors - just stack the decals on top of each other.

Making ultralight model plane frames

The body ofthe model planes are generally made from a special plywood that is very light. Cutting this material is very easy of course, and laying out many parts on a plywood sheet is also made easy with the nesting feature of software such as Vectric VCarve. 



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