Woodworking examples made with the High-Z CNC machine

Woodworking with the most popular desktop CNC machines from Europe

With a High-Z or T-Rex you will be able to create more woodworking projects faster and with better precision.

I you are new to CNC routing, use one of our recommended software to learn the ropes quickly and easily. The machine itself is also very easy to use.

And it is built to last. We have had customers run their machines daily for years without needing any replacement parts.

In fact, let's have a look at a well used machine.

These are all images of a standard High-Z machine that came in for service after 7 years and over 5500 hours of routing and milling wood, plastic, and aluminum.
No replacements had been made, just oil and grease at reasonable intervals. It had developed 0.2 mm backlash which is excellent after such a long time. After cleanup, new nuts, and a tune up, it was back to factory specs.


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