ConstruCAM CAD/CAM software for High-Z CNC machines with GranitoGrav or laser engraving module

Tutorial on granite photo engraving using Granitograv and ConstruCAM. Topics covered: Setting the parameters in WinPCNC USB controller software. Saving the parameters as a template.





ConstruCAM-3D CAD CAM Software

ConstruCAM is a complimentary CAD/CAM software offered with all our machines (except the 400 Standard model). It is required for photoengraving on stone and glass with our GranitoGrav module, and also for laser engraving with our laser engraving module.

While it has the capacity to do much of what Vectric VCarve can do, and in some instances more, it is best suited for the two applications mentioned above. For regular milling, drilling, routing, and cutting, we recommend Vectric's products, Autodesk's products, or oftentimes whatever you are currently using.



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