High-Z CNC machine with a pneumatic impact engraving tool / dot peen tool

With our impact engraving tool / impact etcher / dot peen marking tool you can mark and label a range of materials

Nearly all hard materials can be marked with our industrial impact etcher / dot peen tool - metals, stone, and plastics. Add the RounDino 120 for rotary marking.

The engraving head consists of a hard point tool that moves up and down at 500Hz frequency. It requires a compressor with 5-6 bar pressure.

Suitable materials to mark with our dot peen accessory include:

  • brass
  • steel
  • stainless steel
  • V2A
  • V4A
  • granite
  • aluminum
  • many plastics

There are many very expensive dot peen marking machines on the market, but most of them fail to achieve the speed and precision of our High-Z Turbo machines. And as a bonus, you can easily switch out our dot peen tool for a diamond drag engraving tool or a router spindle, granite engraving tool, or an HF spindle. That means you get a very versatile system capable of marking the widest range of materials possible.



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