Zero3 5-channel CNC controller

ZERO3 - a powerful CNC controller for up to five motors

The Zero3 controller is included with all our machines. With SMD motor control for 4 axes (2X, 1Y, 1Z, and 1C), it is perfectly designed for our High-Z and T-Rex CNC machines.

CNC controller features

  • 5-channel controller for 3- and 4-axis machining
  • Power requirements: 110 - 240 V / 48 - 64 Hz
  • 3.5 A per channel
  • Microstep resolution: 1 / 10th step
  • 2000 steps per revolution
  • USB-CNC, NCEasy, LINUX EMC, and LINUX CNC, Mach3 compatible
  • LPT connection available
  • USB connection with WINPCNC USB or Ethernet connection with KineticNC
  • Sleep reduction 65%
  • 24 V connection via PWM (eg oscillating tangential knife), alternatively 24V constant for brake via ST port
  • 2 power sockets under on/off software control - 1800 Watt per socket
  • Both sockets for max 230V and 8A- both sockets separately fused
  • 0-10 VDC port for VFD (frequency inverter)
  • Connection for 4 limit/reference switches and an emergency stop button
  • 12 status LEDs for monitoring all important functions such as toggle, power, axis movement, over heating, emergency stop status, short circuit status, and the power relays
  • 9-pin D-Sub motor connectors (15-pin for the C-axis)
  • Emergency stop button
  • Over heating protection
  • Short circuit protection


A premium stepper motor controller

The Zero3 5-channel controller gives you premium stepper motor control with USB connection for all of our CNC machines. With the fifth channel you can control a fourth motor, for instance a 4th axis (rotary axis) or a tangential cutter.

Each channel proves 3.5 A phase current. By using 4.2 A bipolar parallel stepper motors there is no risk of overheating the motors and a quiet smooth operation is ensured.

The system runs on 110, 220, 230, or 240 V interchangeably within a frequency range of 48 - 64 Hz.


Using other CNC control software

If you don't want to use WinPCNC USB or KineticNC to control your machine, there are other options. Some people run our machines with USBCNC, Mach3, Linux EMC, or LINUX CNC.


PWM - Pulse Width Modulation - and other features on the Zero3 CNC controller

With the 24V PWM port it is easy to add peripheral CNC equipment for rotary engraving of photos, dispensing applications, laser engraving, or tangential cutting. It is also possible to control a holding break for motors with this port.

There are two power sockets with on/off relay at the back of the controller, and you can control them via software with M-code. Each socket can power equipment up to 1800W / 8A. The most common tools used by these are a spindle and a spray mist cooling system.

There is a 0-10 VDC relay for accessories such as the VFD of a High-Frequency spindle, a laser engraver, or our picture engraving unit for granite and glass.

12 LEDs on the front panel indicate the running status of the controller functions with the following signals:

  • power
  • Toggle
  • Move X - Move Y - Move Z - Move C
  • spindle
  • cooling
  • Emergency stop switch
  • overheating
  • short circuit

The stepper motor controller is short-circuit-proof and has additional protection against overheating. It also has an accessible emergency stop button right on the front.


  • Control up to 5 motors
  • 110 - 240 volts / 48 - 64 Hz
  • 2 power ports for up to 240V each
  • 0-10VDC port
  • Emergency stop button
  • short-circuit-proof

Zero3 - manual

Zero3 - manual



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