Making signage - the perfect CNC application

Make professional signs with a High-Z or T-Rex CNC. It is easy and there are so many possibilities thanks to our many accessories and robust machines. 

Engraving brass plaques and signs

When engraving brass with a spindle, make sure to use a spray mist cooling unit for best results. It will extend your tool life and give you better surface finish by removing chips and cooling the tool. You can also use the diamond drag engraving tool to create fine line engravings in brass.

Stainless steel engraving

Engraving Stainless Steel is similar to engraving brass. Just go slower and make sure to use appropriate and sharp tools. The diamond drag engraving tool can be used for very nice small steel signs. If you need to mark steel for a industrial labeling application, the pneumatic dot peen engraver (impact engraving tool), is another great option.

Plexiglass signs and plaques

Many don't think it is important to use a spray mist cooling system when milling Plexiglass. But it can definitely improve the cut quality. If you don't want to use water, or some other liquid, just using air to blow away the debris is a good idea. Plexiglass/acrylic can also be marked nicely with the diamond drag tool.

Making aluminum type plates and front panels

Use any of our machines to create type plates and other industrial labels for machines and devises. The process is very easy with Vectric's software. Or use ConstruCAM for easy serialization. If you make front panels from anodized aluminum you can do everything from drilling, cutting, and engraving text in one setup by using a spindle with automatic tool change.

Wooden signs

Wood is a very easy and forgiving material to work with. Choose good quality cutting tools such as V-tipped carving tools or ballnose endmills to create text and reliefs. Make sure to use a dust shoe since wood dust is a health hazard. You can also engrave wood with our laser engraving module or a special pyrography accessory. If you work on items that are not flat, in VCarve you can project your toolpath on a model of your object and by doing this get a consistent engraving depth.

Serial numbers or ID marking

With our dot peen engraving tool (impact etcher / impact engraving tool) you can create professional serial numbers or ID markings on a wide variety of materials including aluminum, mild steel, stainless, brass, titanium, some plastics, stone, and more. Just switch the spindle for the dot peen engraver and let it hammer away. The tool has a hard tip that moves up and down hitting the surface and thereby marking it.

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